Friday, July 27, 2007

Lives Ruined...

I stood unable to comprehend what my friend was telling me. "your investment is gone...we cant find him....gone...gone...we cant find michael." The call was from overseas, the line was bad, but the words were crystal clear. I was (am) officially ruined.

Funny, the moment I hung up on my friend, I saw the chain of events flash before me like some bad sequel of " the usual suspects" - you know the part where kevin spacey walks out of the interoggation room and it dawns on the detective that he ( spacey) was Kaiser Sose.

"invest in this pare, the principle is guaranteed.." " 12percent returns -" "we'll do the bank draft tomorrow..." ..the flashbacks continue...

Next week I have to meet with my family and tell them what happened to their money. What happened to their share of the sale of our last-and final- property. What happened to their inheritance and their children's inheritance.

I am but one of those left by the pipc forex scam in a really tight bind. I can imagine those who staked their retirement money, pension, years of hard-earned work, the decades of toil and labor - all gone in the blink of an eye.

Monday I meet with blood relatives. Some will understand. Most of them will not.

How many other tragic stories are out there? ...whats yours? think of this blog as a pipc support group your story. That way this could serve as a cautionary tale to those who would part with their money too easily...and may it serve as living reminder to MIcahel Liew and to PIPC as to how many lives they have ruined.

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